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LNXI LS-V The ARL DSRC provides several levels of hardware support at our facilities for cutting-edge data analysis. From the systems side we support both Utility Server systems as well as numerous local Linux workstations. For more information on the Utility Server systems, visit the Hardware page. The Video Production Suite (VPS) is available to assist with presentations, video conversions and editing. In addition, the ARL DSRC provides several visualization centers (as described below) to assist customers with seeing their results in the best view possible.

Media Center

Visualization The ARL DSRC Outreach Team provides state-of-the-art multimedia center which is a fully functional video production/multimedia facility built around a robust Final Cut Pro HD nonlinear digital editing system. This world-class center serves as a focal point to compile visualization work for use in promoting the DoD as part of the ARL DSRC outreach activities. Team members prepare video presentations in support of DoD projects and give DoD users more realistic interaction with computer simulations, advancing the technology of High-Definition, real-time graphics generation and state-of-the-art video display technology.