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The STAR-CD solver provides one of the most effective numerical methodologies available in an industrial CFD code with the high level of accuracy needed for complex unstructured meshes. This is delivered with the speed, efficiency and robustness demanded by engineering design and development cycles. The solver uses state-of-the-art, proprietary numerical schemes to achieve the highest levels of accuracy in both steady and transient simulations, making this solver one of the least sensitive to mesh type and quality, including distorted tetrahedral meshes. Remarkably, this has been achieved without sacrificing efficiency or robustness. So, whatever the choice of mesh or engineering application, the STAR solver will provide the best solution in the shortest time. A particular feature of STAR-CD is its fast CPU performance for transient flows.

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If you require help using this software, or would like to report a possible problem with it on one of our systems, please contact the HPC Help Desk.