Laboratory (Red Cell)

Man standing in front of display wall The ARL Visualization Laboratory known as the "Red Cell", is a dedicated room in the ARL DSRC facility with numerous display and interactive technologies. Most notably, a curved 24 panel display wall. This tiled display utilizes 24 – 55" thin bezel monitors and control system to provide high resolution output (11520 x 4320 pixels) from a dedicated visualization cluster or various other inputs. The display wall and facility also has 12 tracking cameras for interaction with applications and user data.

Also in use in the Laboratory are various immersive technologies. The Visualization Team here at ARL are working to develop software and extensions to utilize these new technologies in novel ways to immerse the users in their datasets.

The team is also utilizing some mixed reality devices to add to the visualization experience. These devices allow the dataset visualization to be in the room with you while wearing the device. The user can then walk around and examine the data as if it is right in front of them.


Red Cell visualization display wall The ARL DSRC has numerous systems for visualizing your data. All of our production HPC systems can be utilized for visualization using the Secure Remote Desktop (SRD) Application. This is particularly convenient as the data does not need to be moved to a different system.

The facility also has a dedicated visualization cluster to support the Visualization laboratory. This system has 24 – 1920 x 1080 outputs that feed the Red Cell tiled display.

Red Cell visualization display wall