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ARL DSRC Transition to Fiscal Year 2022

Posted 09/14/2021

Dear ARL DSRC User, On 1 October, 2021 at 00:01 EDT, the ARL DSRC will begin the Fiscal Year (FY) transition process. Allocated systems will process FY2021 and FY2022 jobs as follows: - SCHEDULER jobs running before 00:01 EDT will be allowed to complete by running through the FY2021/2022 boundary. Upon completion, these jobs will be charged against FY2021 allocations. - SCHEDULER jobs in queued status at 00:01 EDT, will remain in the queue. However, if there is not a valid FY2022 allocation for any pending job, it will never start. - All users with FY2022 account requests that have been received and processed by the ARL DSRC may begin submitting jobs against their FY2022 allocations after 00:01 EDT. If you have any questions about this informational message, please contact the HPC Help Desk via any of the following methods: - - Thank you, ARL DSRC User Support Services